Miralax AM Prep

To insure that your colon is adequately prepared for your procedure, it is important that you carefully read this paper and follow the instructions outlined below.

Purchase at your pharmacy prior to your procedure:

-Miralax powder 8.3 oz (238g)

-One box Dulcolax laxative tablets, not suppositories

-Plenty of clear liquids from the list below

- (Optional): Aloe baby wipes, TUCKS pads, Vaseline/ Desitin ointment, straws.


Because of the sedation, you must have someone drive or accompany you home, no exceptions. If you plan to take a taxi, you must have a person ride home with you. You cannot drive, operate machinery, nor should you sign any legal documents the day of your procedure. 


***This office does not routinely have patients stop Coumadin, Plavix or aspirin prior to a colonoscopy.  Dr Curran feels the benefit of taking these medications generally outweighs the risk of stopping them. If you are taking Coumandin, you will need to have a PT/INR checked 2-3 days prior to your procedure.  Call my office with the results before you start your procedure prep.  Diabetics should contact the physician who oversees your diabetes for your medication or insulin schedule on the day of your colonoscopy prep.***


The day before your colonoscopy:  take all your medications as scheduled.    Mix the bottle of Miralax powder in 32 oz of a clear liquid, mix until dissolved, refrigerate

DO NOT CONSUME ANY SOLID FOOD.  No milk or milk products are allowed, only clear liquids.    Throughout the day drink only clear liquids, which include: coffee or tea without dairy/non-dairy creamers; all carbonated beverages and non carbonated beverages such as Gatorade or vitamin water, fruit juices without pulp, broths, jello, popsicles and Italian ice.  Avoid any clear liquid that is red or purple in color such as cranberry or grape juice..  To avoid dehydration, drink at least 8 to 12oz of clear liquid each hour.   Some of these should contain sugar, even if you are a diabetic. You may have gum and hard candies.  It is best to avoid alcoholic beverages as these are dehydrating liquids.


The evening before your colonoscopy:

2:00 PMTake 2 Dulcolax tablets

6:00-7:00 PMDrink 16 oz of the Miralax solution followed by 16oz of clear liquids

7 PM-Bedtime: Continue to drink 8-12oz of a clear liquid each hour.

10 PM:  Take 2 dulcolax tablets

ANYTIME you get up during the night to go to the bathroom, have a drink of clear liquid.

 6 hours before your colonoscopy: Over the next hour drink the second 16oz of the Miralax  solution followed by 16 oz a clear liquids.

                                          Stop all liquids four hours prior to your procedure.  Nothing more to drink until after your colonoscopy.


Dulcolax tablets and Miralax are laxatives.  Individual responses to these may vary.  The medicines will cause multiple bowel movements.  They may cause cramps, gas or nausea.  It may start to work in as little as 30 minutes, but it can take as long as three hours.  You should stay within close reach of toilet facilities.  You must take the whole mixture of the Miralax to complete the prep.